Hospitality + corporate flooring and wall solutions have to be a blend of durability, usability, and design. Combining high foot traffic with unique technical and physical requirements, these multi-use facilities need safe and resistant flooring and wall solutions for the front and back of the house that help create the right type of ambiance you are looking to create for guests and/or employees.

With a ton of colours, features, and formats available, Erv Parent offers innovative products specifically engineered to meet your hospitality and/or corporate needs. We understand the specific technical requirements of every area of a building area, from entry to exit. For areas like commercial kitchens, for example, we provide safe, resilient flooring options designed for both hygiene and impact protection. With over 60+ years in the business, our highly trained, informative experts have a deep understanding of the industry and can help you find sturdy but stylish hospitality + corporate flooring and wall solutions suitable for your space.